Call Control Functions

Call Control Functions


Learn how to use the call control functions.

Certain call control functions repeat depending on what call control or widget you are using in the system. For example, you can do certain call control functions inside of the active workitem call control widget. Or, you can control calls from the dialpad. You can also hang up and do other functions here in the horizontal navigation bar.

Hang Up and Call Control Icon

The call control icon is located in the upper, right-hand cluster of the horizontal navigation bar. It occupies the left-most position here. This icon allows you to hang up on a call. Other icons will appear during an active call.

Call Control Icons on Horizontal Navigation Bar

Once you’ve answered or made a call, several additional icons will appear in the horizontal navigation bar.

Horizontal Navigation Bar Icons: Active Call State

  • Hang Up and call control Icon Colored grey in its idle state.
  • Hang Up and call control Icon Colored red in its active state. Clicking
    this icon when it is red will terminate the call.
  • Conference Icon The conference icon allows you to browse the company directory
    to see available agents or queues to transfer a call to.
  • Mute Icon The mute icon allows you to mute or shut off the sound from your
    side of the conversation.

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