Chat & SMS Message History Workflow Component

Chat & SMS Message History Workflow Component



Thrio Chat & SMS Message History Workflow component provides admins the ability to set up their workflows to bring in additional contact message history for Inbound Chat/SMS messages and make this message history available to their agents.



One of the more popular workitems types used by customers is Chat & SMS. These workitems allow customers to interface with agents via typed messages rather than via a phone call. One of the new features created for Inbound Chat & SMS workitems is the ability for the Thrio system to pull in more of the customer's Chat or SMS message history and make this information available to the agent as part of the workitem.   This additional message history provides the agent with additional context, more information on what the customer has been discussing with other agents and allows the agent to provide a more accurate and useful response vs. having only the single Chat or SMS message visible to them.   The message history capability is currently limited to Inbound workitems.

How to Enable this Option:

To allow this feature to work Thrio provides a Workflow component named Message History which can be included in the Chat & SMS workflow.  By including this workflow component in your workflow and setting the options defined below the Thrio system will provide the message history as part of the inbound Chat & SMS message information sent and displayed on the agents Workitem screen.  The most recent message will be at the bottom of the screen, the message history will show above the most recent message.

Message History Component:

Note:  Place this workflow component within your workflow in a location which ensures it will be read by the system and not skipped over to allow the settings to be enabled.

Message History Component Detail:

The fields and options available as part of this workflow component include the following:

  • Name Defaults to Message History
  • Description Optional, enter a description of the component
  • Query Enter the variable the Thrio system should use to search for the contact Message History. For example, workitem.from (phone number)
  • Media Type Choose either SMS or Chat
  • Date Range Select the number of days of message history you would like to make available. Options include: 3, 7, 30, Today, This Week, This Month
  • Condition Type Optional, enter a condition to control the use of this component
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