Company Directory

Company Directory


Learn how to use the Company Directory within Thrio.

The Thrio directory is far superior to standard contact center directories because it provides a truly collaborative platform allowing users to chat, share files, and view topic threads. This includes capabilities listed in the table below:

  • List of Users The Thrio directory has Users listed alphabetically, and also view of queues
  • User Status Indicator Red vs. Green buttons are used to indicate availability and also the agent’s actual status in text
  • Avatar Support An avatar, which may be an agent photo, can be used in the directory so other people can see the person they want to communicate with.
  • Topic Support Thrio supports unlimited topics for communication threads to make it easier for agents to collaborate to get answers that can help customers
  • Built In Two-Way Messaging With Thrio, in addition to being able to call another user, you can do an internal textbased chat with them
  • File Sharing Thrio allows files to be uploaded and shared across users

Company Directory Icon

The Company Directory Icon is located in the right-hand cluster of functions in the horizontal navigation bar.

Company Directory: Users

After you click on the company directory icon in the horizontal navigation bar, you will see the company directory pop-up. Along the left-hand vertical pane of the pop-up, you will see three sections to choose from:

  • Users
  • Queues
  • Topics

Click the “+” icon next to Users to get the User pop-up to add users you may wish to collaborate with. Once this is done, you can click on any person’s name to call or chat with them directly.

Company Directory: Queues

Along the left-hand vertical pane of the company directory pop-up, you will see the queues section in-between Users and Topics. By choosing a queue, you are able to have a group chat with other members of that queue. This is especially helpful in sharing best practices, ideas, or asking questions in order to help a customer you are on an active call or chat with.

You can also click on the “+” icon next to queues to select or de-select the queues visible for collaboration.

Company Directory: Topics

Along the left-hand vertical pane of the company directory pop-up, you will see the topics section at the bottom. By choosing a topic, you are able to have a group chat with other members interested in that topic.

You can also click on the “+” icon next to topics to select or add topics visible for collaboration.

Company Directory Icon: Message Waiting

If you have an internal message or messages waiting, you will see a number badge on top of the company directory icon located in the right-hand cluster of the horizontal navigation bar.

Opening the Company Directory Icon: Message Waiting

Upon opening the company directory to view a message or messages waiting, you can see who is waiting to chat with you by looking at the number indicator to the right of their name.

Selecting User from Directory: Message Waiting

To view a message and collaborate with another user, click on their name. Their name will be highlighted in blue and the chat palette will show the message they have sent to you. Simply type your response at the bottom of the message dialog pane and hit “enter” to send it.

Selecting User from Directory: Sending Message

To respond to a message you receive in the company directory, simply type your response at the bottom of the message dialog pane and hit “enter” to send it.

Company Directory Messaging Dialog

The company directory message dialog pane works just like a chat or SMS message pane. Your name and timestamp of the message sent are just above the text. Likewise, the responses list the other person’s name and timestamp.

Messaging Dialog: Sharing a File

The company directory supports shared files. These files can be shared in a common area to the right-hand side of the messages panel, or they can be shared with individuals you are collaborating with. You can drag and drop a file from your computer’s file system into the answer box of the messaging panel. These files will then be available to the person you sent them to or shared amongst a queue or topic group. Files which are shared in this way are saved into the GBQ database within the DB table which saves the Company Directory messaging activity, in case removal of the file is necessary the specific row within the DB table will need to be removed.

Messaging Dialog: File Being Sent

After sending a file you can see the file’s thumbnail above the messaging text box and a text prompt saying the file is being sent.

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