Dial Plan

Dial Plan


Dial Plans are used to configure which phone provider, depending on the pattern of numbers that are being dialed, to use.

The option for Dial Plans can be found directly off the Main Menu.

Creating/Modifying Dial Plans

  • To create a new Dial Plan click the ‘+’ sign to the right of the Search field and the system will present an empty template to fill in.
  • To modify an existing Dial Plan, search for the specific plan by entering the information in the top search window and click Search.

Name Enter the name of the Dial Plan

Description Enter a description for the Dial Plan

Order The Dial Plans will be used based on the priority

  • The value of 1 is the highest priority.

Dial Plan This is a list of patterns of number that are allowed to be used for this Dial Plan

  • To Add a Dial Plan, click on the ‘+’ sign and then enter the pattern in the text field that will appear.
  • All patterns must start with a ‘+’ sign. Example: For any US or Canadian number you would enter: +1
  • If you would like to allow all calls regardless of destination, enter ‘+’ by itself.
  • To Remove a Dial Plan pattern, click on the garbage can icon a the end of the pattern.

The order the Dial Plans will be used, is based on the value of the Order field as well as the patterns assigned in the Dial Plan field.

Dial Route Select whether this route is SIP or PSTN by selecting the folder Icon and then choosing the appropriate setting

SIP Username Enter the username that is given by the SIP provider

SIP Password Enter the password that is given by the SIP provider

SIP Host Enter the Hostname or IP address that is given by the SIP provider

Prefix Enter any prefix that is required by the SIP provider

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