• Groups are used when using Predictive / Progressive / QB

• Groups are used to quickly and easily move users in and out of campaigns.

• There are 3 steps to setting up the Groups

Step 1: Enabling / Disabling the Grouping feature

Navigate to the User Profile

Allow Campaign Selection ON (Green) = Grouping is disabled, OFF (Red) = Grouping is Enabled

  • Grouping Disabled: When the agent logs in to the dialer, they will need to select the campaign they want to work in.
  • Grouping Enabled: When the agent logs in to the dialer, they will automatically be assigned to the campaign they have been assigned to.

Step 2: Creating/Modifying Groups

Group option found under submenu of Queues

  • To create a new Group click the ‘+’ sign to the right of the Search field and the system will present an empty template to fill in.
  • To modify an existing Group, search for the specific plan by entering the information in the top search window and click Search.

Name Enter the name of the Group
Description Enter the description of the Group

When creating a new Group, you will need to click the Save button on the bottom right hand side of the screen, you will then have the ability to add Users to the Group.

If modifying an existing Group, the system saves automatically.

Step 3: Assigning Groups to Campaigns

Navigate to the Campaign you wish to assign the group to

  • Select, from the dropdown list, the Group to associate to this campaign. Under the Information section

Re-assigning Groups in Campaign Dashboard

  • To change the groups assigned to a campaign, click the (3 dots) … under the Group field in the Campaign Dashboard and select the new group from the pop-up list displayed.

Re-assigning Users to a new Group in User Dashboard

  • To change the groups a user is assigned to, click the (3 dots) … under the Group field in the User Dashboard and select the new group from the pop-up list displayed.

Note: If a user tries to login to the dialer and is not associated to any Group or if the Group the user is associated to is not assigned to any Campaign, an Error will be displayed

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