Insights are useful to learn your contacts' preferences, desires and needs. Using these insights to tailor your interactions with a contact can improve your client relations and make sure you retain those valuable contacts through personalized engagement. We use all chats, SMS conversations and emails with a contact attached as examples to generate insights for those respective contacts. For more information on how to generate insights view our article on Contacts.

Types of Insights

Facets based on the big five personality characteristics

The big five personality characteristics are Agreeableness, Conscientousness, Extraversion, Emotional range and Openness. For a detailed description of these characteristics read our article on Contacts.

The facets that the platform can generate for you are the following:

  • Achievement Striving - Contacts that are achievement striving are driven by success and are goal oriented.
  • Assertiveness - Assertive contacts are leaders who like to take charge and direct those around them.
  • Cautiousness - A cautious contact is one who is most likely to think through their decisions and options carefully.
  • Intellect - Contacts with this insight are curious and like to understand things deeply. These people like to think in abstractions.
  • Liberalism - A contact with this insight is ready to challenge preconceived notions and pursue opportunities or ideas that traditional thinkers would not consider.
  • Morality - These contacts have strong principles and views regarding right and wrong. These contacts are genuine and candid about their thoughts.


  • Challenge - These contacts feel the compulsion to achieve and succeed in the face of difficulty.
  • Curiosity - Curious contacts like to discover new ideas and grow.
  • Harmony - Harmonious contacts are considerate of other viewpoints and are most likely to listen and consider ideas that challenge their beliefs.
  • Practicality - A practical contact is one who feels the need to get things done efficiently.
  • Stability - These contacts prefer security and well proven notions.
  • Structure - Contacts that have a need for structure are highly organized and desire things to be well planned.


  • Conservation - These contacts are resistant to change and value traditional methods.
  • Openness To Change - Contacts that are open to change place importance on mew experiences and independent thought.
  • Self Enhancement - The need for self enhancement describes a contact who prioritizes personal success.


We provide default text for the way each insight is presented on a contact's profile. However, the way you present each of the above insights can be customized to help your agents better present your offerings or understand the way your contacts think.

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