Gives in formation about the list as well as it shows an overview of the status.

Information Section

Identifier The ID that was automatically assigned to this list upon it’s creation.
Name The name that was entered to the list when it was uploaded.
Description The description that was entered when uploading the list.
Uploaded File The name of the file that has been uploaded.
Status Specifies whether the list has been successfully uploaded or not.
Campaign Identifier The ID that was automatically assigned to the campaign, upon it’s creation, that this list has been created under.
Table Name The name of the table in the database that is used for this list.
Active When toggle is set to Green, the list is active, when the toggle is set to Red the list is not active.

Summary Section

Total Leads The number of leads that were initially uploaded successfully into the list.
Completed The number of leads that have been completed and will not be dialed again.
Max Attempts The number of leads that have been dialed the maximum times allowed, configured in the campaign, and will not be dialed anymore.
Never Dialed The number of new leads that have never been dialed. This value also includes any callbacks or errors that have been reset.
Callbacks The total number of leads scheduled to be called back.
Callbacks Now This value displays, out of all the currently scheduled callbacks, how many have reached or passed their scheduled date and are able to be callback now.
Errors The number of leads that failed to dial out. these leads will be automatically scheduled to be called back.
Percentage Done The percent of the list that has been completed. (Completed / Total Leads)

To Resetting Callbacks and/or Errors:
  • When selecting the three dots (…) icon, to the right of the fields Callbacks or Errors, the system presents the option to Reset Callbacks or Reset Errors.
  • Resetting these will mark the records as if they have never been dialed and will be put into the list as available to be dialed now.

Leads Section

  • The Leads section allows to search for all or a specific lead in this list.
  • The columns displayed are as follows:

First Name Displays the first name of the lead.
Last Name Displays the last name of the lead.
Email Displays the email address of the lead.
Address Displays the address of the lead.
City Displays the city of the lead.
State Displays the state of the lead.
ZIP Code/Postal Code Displays the ZIP or Postal Code of the lead.
Phone Displays the phone number of the lead.
Mobile Displays the mobile number of the lead.
Account Displays the account number of the lead.
Action Result Displays the result of the last action performed by the system for the lead.

  • When right clicking on a specific lead the system will give 2 options:

View call attempts This option will display a popup listing all the actions performed on this lead.
Remove from list This option will mark the lead as ‘Removed from List’ and will never be dialed again.

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