Quarterback Agent

Quarterback Agent


Working as a Quarterback Agent

A Quarterback Agent works as both an agent and a Quarterback.
  • If your organizations administrator has enabled “Quarterback Agent” on the campaign then it is the agent’s responsibility to accept the system’s requests to place an outbound call, as well as to handle the calls once they are connected to the system.
In order for a Quarterback Agent to receive pop up notifications to dial, three things need to be true.
  • The Quarterback Agent needs to be logged into the system and logged into a predictive campaign
  • The Quarterback Agent’s status must be “available”
  • Your organizations administrator must have loaded and started a list containing valid phone numbers
  • Your organizations administrator must set the predictive campaign to Enable Quarterback Mode to "Quarterback Application" on the campaign’s Dialer Options.

NOTE : The system will only dial a phone number during business hours. e.g. If a list contains phone numbers from California and phone numbers from New York, the system will dial the New York phone numbers starting at 9 am EST but will not dial the California numbers for an additional 3 hours.

Logging into Predictive mode
  • First log into the system
  • Next select the small circle on the bottom right of your avatar (the photo that was uploaded in your user setting). The avatar is located at the top right of your screen. If you have not uploaded an image you will see an icon with the outline of a head and shoulders.

NOTE: this is the same icon you select to access user settings

  • When you select the circle at the bottom right of the avatar a drop down list will open
  • Select “Start Predictive”
  • Depending on how your system administrator has configured the system you may or may not see a pop up window that says “Start Predictive”. If you do see the pop up window you need to choose a predictive campaign and select “OK” in order to log in.
  • Once you have logged in to a predictive campaign you are ready to begin confirming the system’s request to dial
Handling System Dial offer requests
  • When the system is ready to start dialling it is important that the Quarterback Agent is ready to respond to the dial requests. The dial requests will take the form of a pop up window on the Quarterback Agent’s screen.
  • To accept the dial request the Quarterback Agent need to select the “thumbs up” icon on the left hand side of the pop up window. If the Quarterback Agent accepts the request, the system is ready to dial that number. At this point the dialler will dial the outbound calls and will not present the user any more offers until all the phone numbers that have been accepted have been dialled. In essence once the Quarterback Agent has confirmed the numbers to dial the Quarterback Agent is treated as an agent who is waiting to be connected to an active caller.
  • To reject the dial request the Quarterback Agent needs to select the “hand” icon on the right hand side of the pop up window. If the Quarterback Agent rejects the request, the system will remove that number from the list and will not be offered to the Quarterback Agent again.
  • If the Quarterback Agent neither accepts nor rejects the pop up offer to dial, then the offer will time out. If an offer times out the system will keep the number on the list but will not present an offer to dial that number again for at least 24 hours
Quarterback Agent: Going on break
  • The Quarterback agent can change their status to an “On Break” status. If the Quarterback Agent is on break i.e. not Available the system will not present any any pop up offers to dial from the system
  • To modify their status a user needs to select their current status on the top right hand side of the screen.
  • When you select your current status a drop down list will appear with all the possible statuses that were added by your system administrator.
  • Select a status from the list and this will change your current status

NOTE: If you are in a system status such as “Working” or “Wrap Up” your status cannot be changed to Available unless you complete the work item that is already on your workitem view.

Logging out of Predictive mode
  • When the Quarterback Agent is done for the day it is important to log out of Predictive mode.
  • Logging out has very similar steps as logging in
  • select the small circle on the bottom right of your avatar
  • When you select the circle at the bottom right of the avatar a drop down list will open
  • Select “Stop Predictive”
  • If you are not in Predictive mode you will no longer be receiving any pop up offers to dial from the system nor will you receive any system dialled calls.

NOTE: you can still receive inbound work items and manually dial outbound calls when not logged into predictive.

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