Supervisor Workitem Coaching

Supervisor Workitem Coaching


A Supervisor with the appropriate permissions and authorities, will be able to see which workitems an agent/user is currently working on from the agent/user dashboard.  The Supervisor will be able to coach and message an agent/user in Chat, Social and SMS workitems. 

Coaching an Agent in a Digital Message Workitem

While in a chat with a customer, an agent can request assistance from a Supervisor by clicking the Assistance icon which is next to the dialpad. 

NOTE: Supervisors will be able to see phone and email workitems but not exchange messages with the agent on those workitems.


If the agent wants to raise awareness about an interaction with a customer they can raise their hand and ask for assistance easily. The administrator will create different predefined messages using the template feature that will be available to the agent by clicking the assistance button in the header bar. If no assistance messages are defined the assistance button will not be visible. 

The predefined messages will be presented, the agent will choose one message and the recipient. The possible options are to the available Supervisors supervising him, to the logged-in agent or to a specific one. The Supervisors that will be presented in the list are currently supervising the agent. 

Once the agent sends the message, the supervisor(s) will receive a Company Directory notification if their configuration allows it (see Agent Message Notification in the Directory section of the User Settings). The Supervisor will receive a notification pop-up they can type in directly. 

If Agent Message Notification is enabled in their User Settings, the Supervisor will receive a notification pop-up they can type in directly. 

The agent will receive a message notification from the Company Directory which can also be typed into directly. 

If Agent Message notification is not enabled, then the Supervisor will see a red indicator next to the Company Directory icon.

Viewing the Messages

To view the messages exchanged between the agent and the customer. Open the User Dashboard in the current  or a new window, then right-click on the agent that requested assistance and click View Workitems.

This will open the Coaching Page which lists all of the workitems the agent is working on in a modal window. 

NOTE: If the agent is working on multiple workitems, the modal view does not refresh automatically, the refresh button must be pressed.

Double-click on the workitem and click the edit icon.

The details of the workitem will be displayed in the Coaching page, the Supervisor can message the agent from the Coaching page by typing in the text box at the bottom of the chat. Supervisor messages appear in an orange color on the Coaching Page and to the agent. When a Supervisor starts monitoring the agent, the agent will receive a notification that a Supervisor and there will be a line with a timestamp within the Chat. There will be a timestamp within the Chat when the Supervisor left as well.

Agent Responses

The agent can react to Supervisor messages by clicking on the thumbs-up or the thumbs-down emoji. The agent can copy or forward any messages from the Supervisor to the customer by clicking on the ellipsis. As soon as the Agent clicks Forward the message is sent, the message can’t be edited. 

The interaction between the supervisor and the agent is hidden from the customer chat (silent monitoring from the customer perspective). The customer will see the normal conversation with the agent, regardless of the supervisor monitoring. 

Ending the Coaching

To end the coaching, click on the back arrow near the title of the workitem.

The agent will receive a notification when the Supervisor has left the workitem.

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