Using Thrio Remote

Using Thrio Remote


How to login and make calls with Thrio Remote

Using Thrio Remote

If you are connected to the system from your mobile device, you are connected via Thrio Remote, you will be able to accept direct calls that are routed to you. You will be able to accept ACD calls and make Outbound calls through the system. Your calls can be tracked in history and your calls can be automatically recorded. Outbound calls are billed directly to the company and there is no need for expense reports for long distance calls made from your mobile phone.

Logging into Thrio Remote

  • Your Administrator needs to provide you access to the Thrio Remote web portal. This is a url that is used specifically to log into Thrio Remote
  • Your Administrator also needs to create you a username and password. If you do not have a username and password contact your Administrator

When accessing the the Thrio Remote web portal

  • Enter your Username into the Email /Username field
  • Enter your password in the Password field
  • Select The Next button

If your username and password are not correct or your user is not enabled than the next button will no longer be greyed out but you will remain on the same page

If your username and password are correct you will navigate to a new page, The new page will display 3 new items

  • “My Phone Number” (which will display your phone number to the right of the text)
  • Number to Dial. This is where you would enter the phone number that you wish to dial through the system
  • A Dial button, Once you have entered the number you wish to call you select this button for the system to dial

Placing an outbound call

When you have entered the number you wish to dial and selected the dial button, the system will call your mobile device. Depending on your cellular network this may take a few seconds to complete

  • Once you receive the call from the system, You will hear a message that says “your call is being connected”. At this point the system will call the number you have entered in the number field
  • To end the call simply hang up

Receiving an ACD call

While logged into Thrio remote you can receive ACD calls from the system (If your Administrator has configured you to receive ACD Calls).

  • When you receive an ACD Call Simply answer the phone and you will be connected to the caller
  • To end the call simply hang up

Logging out of Thrio Remote

  • In order to log out of Thrio Remote scroll to the top of the user interface on your mobile device.
  • In the top right hand corner you will see a blue arrow pointing to the right. Select this arrow to log out
  • When you successfully log out, you will automatically navigate back to the log in screen

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