Integration Guide

GCP Instance

This guide details how to provide access tokens to Thrio for your Google Cloud instance.

February 5, 2019


APaaS Integration


March 20, 2019

These instructions are to help you create the requisite Google Project required to set up your instance of Thrio. Please let us know if you have questions about this process. 

Create GCP Project

  • Name : "thrio-prod-catasys"
  • Enable billing for new project (before creating service account)
  • Create service account (limit 30 chars), e.g.:  "thrio-prod-catasys"
  • Add Roles:
  • BigQuery Admin
  • Storage Admin
  • ML Engine Admin
  • AutoML Admin
  • DLP Admin        

Generate JSON key and upload to team

  •   Save key as "thrio-prod-catasys.json”

Enable project APIs

Find this by going to: Hamburger icon -> APIs & Services -> Dashboard -> Enable APIs AND Services -> Search for APIs & Services -> [ type service name ]   )

  • Enabled by default when creating a GCP project 
  • Cloud Storage -  already enabled
  • BigQuery -  already enabled
  • Enabled using console  - Need to enable the ones below
  • Cloud Speech   
  • AutoML
  • DLP