Integration Guide

Salesforce Integration

This guide explains how to integrate Thrio with your Salesforce instance.

March 6, 2019




Following the steps below will allow you to create a new organization within Salesforce and begin using Thrio from inside Salesforce.

Before completing these steps, you will need: 

  • A file entitled thrioCallCenter.xml
  • The CTI Adapter URL:  & CTI Provider URL: 
  • A list of users you would like to add 

Create New Organization

  1. Login to salesforce. Make sure Salesforce is in Classic Mode
  1. Click Setup in upper right
  2. Type in call center in the quick find/search bar
  3. Click import
  4. Import file thrioCallCenter.xml
  5. Make sure CTI Adapter URL & CTI Provider URL are set to the info provided by the Thrio representative
  6. Click Manage Call Center Users
  7. Click Add More Users
  8. Search for users
  9. Select users you want to add and click Add to Call Center 
  10. User's email in Salesforce must match their Thrio  username
  11. Click 'Home' button

Use Thrio in Salesforce

  1. Allow popups in Salesforce
  2. Click Salesforce login button
  3. Wait for client to load in new tab.
  4. Verify in Thrio that your phone is set up correctly by doing right mouse click ‘ call me ‘
  5. Navigate to a contact in Salesforce
  6. Click to dial on contact number